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Foodia, a planet inhabitated by food, of all kinds, the story developes in Sweetland, Sweet mainland. In a day, they are invaded by Vegetablia (Vegetable mainland) and Fruitmany (Fruit mainland). Just an hero may save the mainland.Is war time!

You incarnate the Tasty Ninja, he is a japanese ninja in that world of food, your enemies are the vegetables and the fruits, there are carrots, broccolies, pumpkins and peruvian chillies. Your objective is to arrive to the terryfing castle of spinach and defeat Spinach bowl. There are not live limits, just a death marker. Credits to:
-Incompetech (Most of BGM)
-Enterbrain (Boss theme)
-Nicholas Atlantic (Nyan Cat 8-bit remix)

-Christopher Torres (Nyan Cat)

Rest is 100% originally made

Install instructions

The installer is in Spanish, but the last version will be multilanguage (Spanish, English, German, French and Italian). You only shall open the installer and follow the instruction.


TN1-SatelliteArtGames.exe (158 MB)


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is unity easy to use?

I don't know, this game was made using Game Maker


oh my game was too